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Our response to COVID-19

Although the COVID-19 restrictions have certainly changed how our normal operations look, our early transition to an entirely online team has resulted in our project being minimally impacted by lockdown restrictions. Our new team will continue to operate completely online until the ANU campus, and our workshop reopens.

Countdown to Bridgestone World Solar Challenge


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Our 2021 Mission:

Podium Finish.

The ANU Solar Racing Team is ANU's third entrance to compete in the Bridgestone World Solar Car Challenge. Comprising of 30 Members, we seek to cultivate real world experience as well as both industry and student relationships.

2019 Race: MTAA Super Charge 2.0

The ANU Solar Racing team was back again with the ANU's second solar car The MTAA SuperCharge 2. Desinged for the 2019 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge. Building on the experiences and lessons from 2017, the team undertook a complete redesign and built a new car from the ground up. With an all new carbon-fibre monocoque design, the new car is lighter, faster, more aerodynamic and reliable.

A Heroic Journey. 3022km Powered By the Sun

The Bridgestone World Solar Challenge (BWSC) is a biennial global competition whose teams from around the world build and race solar-powered vehicles. Starting from Darwin with a finish line set in Adelaide, the race totals a distance of over 3000km through the harsh Australian Outback. The BWSC consistently attracts over 40 teams biennially, from 30 different countries, bringing significant global media attention to the race. Entrants include prestigious universities ranging from Stanford to Cambridge, as well as technological institutions and private enterprises such as MIT and Volkswagen. The race offers a chance for the worlds best to compete against the elements and compete for the win.

Our Portfolio

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Project Lead's Update:


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Over the first half of this year the ANU Solar team has had to face some huge challenges. It is astounding to me that our team members applied for the team, were recruited, trained and have truly thrown themselves into their roles - all while entirely online and in a world pandemic.

We are very lucky in the ACT, that for many months now we have been COVID-19 free. For our team this means we are able to return to our workshop so long as we adhere to restrictions, and have progressively been able to meet and get to know one another in the flesh. We continue to work primarily through zoom calls, with a couple of our members still operating from afar. But as we move into exams and this semester continues we’ve seen an enormous uptick in the pace, momentum and outcomes of our project.

All five of our sub teams are humming with activity as events are planned, CAD models are designed and solutions are realised. We hope all our fellow BWSC teams both across Australia and overseas are coping ok through 2020- we’re looking forward to seeing you all October 2021.

- Ruby Jones, Project Lead

Meet Our Team

Leadership Team

Project Lead Photo


Project Lead

Oversight of the entire project

Business Lead photo


Business Lead

Oversees all three business sub-teams: sponsorship, marketing and events

Tech Team Lead portrait

Alex Ambrosi

Technical Lead

Oversees both technical sub-teams including mechanical and electrical team

Administrator photo

Jaydan Thorpe

Team Administrator

Oversees the team's operations, resources, internal communications and leadership goals


Our Values

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